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80mm Thermal Printer

Handheld Mobile POS Device with in-built Thermal Printer

from Ksh 25,000

Put away your computer and adopt an All-In-One device that keeps charged for 24 hours, prints for 12 KM. With this, you will be able to take orders from customers at their convenience, make field sales, use it in places where there are power problems, use it in trucks, and many more.
It comes with iPOS {POS} System pre-installed

Fiscal Printer

KRA-Approved Fiscal Thermal Printers

from Ksh 85,000

The are super-fast printing devices that are automatically integrated with ETR. With this, you don't need a separate ETR Device.
They come as either 58MM or 80MM in paper size

Bluetooth Printer

Bluetooth & Portable Thermal Printers

from Ksh 5,000

Print with your Smartphone or Bluetooth enabled devices. Bluetooth thermal printers come in sizes of 58MM & 80MM. The small 58MM devices have inbuilt battery that can last up to 24 hours without requiring a recharge.

Automatic Cash Drawer

Automatic Cash Drawer - ESC POS Compatible

 from Ksh 7,000

This is the modern cash drawer that automatically opens whenever a receipt is printed. It comes with two Keys that can be used to safely lock it

Mobile POS Device

Standard Thermal Printers

from Ksh 6,500

These are the standard size Thermal Printers found in supermarkets. They come in different shapes and are varied between those with both LAN & USB port (can be networked) and those with just USB Port.
+> They all support automatic & manual cash drawers
+> They come in flavors of 58MM or 80MM paper size

AClas ETR Device

ETR & ESD Devices

from Ksh 45,000

Get long lasting KRA approved ETR & ESD devices that stays charged for more than 7 days. Get free training manual on every device you buy from us.
ETR devices are issued separately from the cash receipt you issue
ESD devices are used when you have a {POS} System and you want to issue electronically signed receipts. This eliminates the hustle of issuing manual ETR receipts on every cash sale made.

HP LaserJet M102A

A4/A5 Paper Size Express Printers

from Ksh 17,500

These are fast-printing express printers with grey-scale print-only functionality. They are used in places where clients want to print Invoices & Receipts that are larger than what Thermal Printers do. They support printing of:-
 A4 (Maximum) Paper Size for normal paper printouts
 A5 (Minimum) Paper Size for great looking printouts

All-In-One Printer

A4/A5 Paper Size All-In-One Printers

from Ksh 27,000

These are great printers with All-In-One {Print, Scan, Copy} functionality. They are applicable for office, commercial & counter printing. They support Colored Print, Copy & Scan

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